CCS Research

Research interests are concentrated in providing early access to scalable massively parallel computing systems, high performance networking technologies, and scalable software compilers and tools to support applications development. Toward these ends, the Center is involved in rapid prototyping for the Information Age through the development of a nationwide file system and the evolution of a transparent, user friendly information infrastructure that supports a rich, multimedia environment. This vision supports voice, video, data, and imagery from the application to the end user.

The Center's research into massively parallel processing (MPP) involves in-house software development, but also includes architecture and configuration development for high performance computation, graphics in support of application virtualization, and high speed file storage systems for rapid archiving and retrieval of all digitally stored data. Development of high speed networks is based on emerging fiber and switching technologies and involves research efforts in hardware and software systems development, protocols, routing, and signalling based on wide area telecommunications standards. There are numerous cooperative research endeavors within the DoD and with academia and industry that span a broad spectrum of activity ranging from basic research to exploratory development as well as continuing efforts to field technology through a succession of advanced technology demonstrations.

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